Mobile Design Center

RSL provides the Design Center in Portable Document Format (PDF). The same function is available now on an iPad when you are not able to connect to the internet. By downloading and saving these files to your mobile device, you can display them anywhere at any time. For more information on how to save the files, see below.

Shown on these pages are a sampling of some of our more popular series and sizes. Click on any entryway thumbnail to see that size’s decorative glass in a natural doorway setting. There are eight (9) pdf files showcasing the available series in popular sizes in fiberglass or steel doors.

You can also print each home from the pdf.

After you save these pdf files to your computer, tablet, smartphone or iPad you will be able to use the Design Center in places where there is no internet connection.

  1. While connected to the internet with your mobile device, open any one of the pdfs below.
  2. When the file is open you can save it to your computer or tablet. To save it to your iPad simply touch any part of the screen that is not a link. (For example, touch the black background.)
  3. The option to ‘Open in iBooks’ with appear for a brief time in the top right corner of the screen. When it does, select it. From that point on, it should become part of your Library and available anytime – whether you are connected to the internet or not.

Similar routines are available on an android device.

Fiberglass Doors

Steel Doors