• All RSL doorglass use safety tempered glass.
  • Blinds: Always transport in raised position.
  • Decorative: Handcrafted, so bubbles & pattern variations are unique art glass and not defects.
  • Hurricane Impact & Protector use laminated glass for approved HVHZ, STC, and security. More thermal performance & test compliance at: www.rslinc.com/technical/energy-efficiency
  • Do not over tighten screws (max 18-20 inch/lbs). More installation instructions at: www.rslinc.com/technical/installation-instructions
  • Avoid using paint thinners or similar alcohol based chemicals. More painting & staining instructions at: www.rslinc.com/technical/painting-and-staining
  • Storm doors can cause heat damage; venting recommended.
  • RSL warranty does not extend to the end consumer. Please contact your local RSL distributor where glass was purchased for more information.

Defects or damages arising out of, or as the result of accident, mishaps or improper installation, or such other circumstances beyond the control of RSL, Inc.

Note: Finishing doorlight frames a dark color may cause heat distortion. RSL strongly recommends finishing with light colors. If a storm door is used, it must be vented, otherwise the lifetime warranty is void.