Ideal Seal

Exterior doors with doorglass have two seals: one that prevents air & water infiltration between the frame & the door; the second prevents air & water infiltration between the frame and glass. For decades, manufacturers, installers, and painters of exterior doors have been bothered by the sticky mess of squeeze-out on the edge of the frame. To resolve this problem, some suppliers have tried switching to tape or sealants, but they don’t hold the glass in the frame. RSL believes that it is important for the frame-to-door sealant to be dry so that replacements are easy, and for the frame-to-glass sealant to be wet so that the glass is safely & firmly held in the frame.

After considerable R&D and testing, RSL is excited to introduce Ideal Seal, a new frame-to-door and frame-to-glass sealant.
Ideal Seal ensures:

  • virtually no squeeze-out
  • reliably adheres to glass
  • does not adhere the frame to the door
  • eliminates safety hazard of glass coming loose from the frame
  • excellent performance to eliminate any seal failure, even after many years

Ideal Seal combines attractive and easy application with exceptional performance. It comes standard with all RSL commodity, internal blinds, and decorative doorglass. We are so confident in our frames, glass and sealants that we offer a lifetime warranty on them all.

Ask your RSL sales rep or call 800-257-8641 for more information. 

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